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Cutting-edge tools to take your marketing to the next level

AdSightPro Explorer


No more targeting the same audience on FB and Instagram Ads that everyone else is targeting.

Find laser-targeted audience for your next FB and Instagram Ads to increase your ROAS exponentially.

AdSightPro Retarget


FB treats all websites equally when it comes to re-targeting.

But we know that an engaged visitors is more like to be a customer than a window-shopper.

With Re-target, you can re-target website visitors based on their behaviors.



Create clickable & trackable links with ease.

With usual URL Shortener, you can shortern the URL and track the clicks but that's it.

With LinkSumo, you can take it a step further and exactly re-target the clickers on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, and everywhere on the internet,



A complete sales & marketing automation platform.

Think of it as a combination of ClickFunnels, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, SMS Marketing Platform, Zapier, and Hubspot at 1/10th of their combined price.

Interests Highlighter


Facebook's Audience Insight is a great tool to get details about your target audience. But when it comes to figuring out whether the pages they are likely to like is target-able in your FB ads or not is a manual and tedious process.

We decided to fix this but automating it.

With this amazing Chrome Extension, you can figure out if a page can be targeted in FB ad or not in seconds.

This saves atleast an hour of time everytime you visitor FB's Audience Insights tool.

Power Ads


The best way to learn anything is to see what people above you are doing and following their footsteps.

Same applies to Digital Marketing.

You can use this Chrome Extension to only see Ads on your FB wall and get rid of all the photos of your friend's B'day party, neighbor's trip to Cancun, your colleague's view on a political party TEMPORARILY.

You can now learn from the Ads that you see on your wall.

Like, Share, and Comment on them to see even more similar Ads.

What clients say

I've been using AdSightPro Explorer and Retarget and have seen amazing results.

I'm impressed by their amazing customer support. Just <3 it.

Patrick Neuman


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